Artistic Home


As early as I can remember, for me the world is a wondrous place exploding with forms, textures, colors and patterns. Magical life animates the lands sea and air. Every place I look there is so much to explore, experience and know. While all my senses were rich in the experiences of life, it is the visual tactile senses that seemed to hold the greatest fascination for me. One half of that fascination is experiencing the visual/tactile world as an observer, the other was the sheer delight in exploring the effects I could create mixing various elements together. Over the years many changes have occurred, many paths were explored but the one constant in my life has been the desire to create.

My Art over the years has taken many twists and turns, while sometimes it has been a source of frustration it is always been a comfort, a grand vehicle for self expression and communication.

The skills and insights I honed through the many years of practice became indispensable in other areas of my life. The ability to visualize anything my imagination could conceive, not only helped in everyday life, but began to fuel deep insights in the essence of nature and the universe.

Early on as my exploration got more serious, I was obsessed with trying to create realistic copies of the world around me but just as soon as I began to achieve it, realism was no longer enough. what really captured my heart was the ability to explore and express the deeper essence of life. It soon became a great pursuit in understanding the essence of humanity.

My journey has taken me down many roads, from science to spirituality. What I have discovered is meticulously interwoven in all my work. Since the beginning of time, humankind has evolved a very sophisticated language based on visual cue’s in-fact it has been scientifically proven that visual elements (color, shapes, forms etc.) give off particular vibrational frequencies that are picked up sub-consciously and evoke very specific responses in people.

It has been said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” In my experience, beauty is in the heart of the beholder. There is an essential combination of visual elements that evokes a deeper experience or remembrance in the viewer that is shared by most viewers. Often found in nature, these images are profound in their ability to cross all cultural boundaries or beliefs. Perhaps, they are glimpses of our own common heritage. It is my belief that all of humanity has more in-common then differences.

All artwork has the power to transform any environment it is a part of. The question to ask is into what? At the core of my artwork, is a goal to transcend those differences and to reveal and enhance that commonality, the essence of all life. My work attempts to offer hope, inspiration, comfort and insight while utilizing a refined set of aesthetics and craftsmanship. Ultimately I seek to interact with the viewer on many levels, providing a rich and powerful experience that will stand the test of time.

I hope you enjoy the show.