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Imagine your soul

Through this website and other offerings I wish to share the wonderful gifts I have been blessed with.

My life has been an incredible journey of magical experiences and self-discovery. Through trials, tribulations and success, I have discovered the true essence of my being. The ability to be healthy, happy, successful and at peace with the world are some of my greatest treasures. I may be unique, but no more so then you. For you see, no matter what you believe in this moment, each and every one of us is on this journey. All the gifts I have and more can be yours, if you really want them. In fact they are your Divine right.

My journey has been very difficult at times, often forcing me to abandon old beliefs about life itself, leaving me open to the great master teachers and guides who have come into my life to support me in my journey. These teachers offered great wisdom, insight and techniques to transcend the limits of my old consciousness, pushing through my fears to dramatically transform my life.

Through my offerings, I seek to share these teachings and experiences in the hope of supporting all who desire this knowledge and who are ready to change their lives for the better.

Drawing on this vast pool of knowledge, I managed to strip away much unnecessary information and create a personal practice for Mind, Body & Spirit Integration, Personal Transformation and Healing.

This practice is Spiritual Alchemy, the forge of ascension, the forge of healing…..

In this site you will find:

Disciplines: find more info on the various disciplines and techniques that have helped me on my journey.

Spiritual Bio: More in depth descriptions of my personal journey.

Channeled Info: explanations and examples of Channeled Guidance.

Video & sound clips: examples of presentations including Channeled sessions.

Products: CD’s DVD’s and cassette tapes of presentations and guided meditations. Artwork for healing, inspiration and energy work.

As you explore this site, I hope you will find some of the insights, answers and inspiration that will fan the fire of your own sacred journey.